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A Unique Service That Oceanfront Group is Introducing Today

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It is this formula that I stick to for my clients and this is my uniqueness and feature.


We meticulously calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for each property our client purchases, allowing us to provide a clear picture of the expected profitability of the project upfront. Additionally, every client receives an independent assessment of their property, along with a forecast spanning 3 to 5 years.

Furthermore, we don't stop at the initial purchase. Every month, we diligently monitor changes in the market and provide our clients with real-time updates on their properties. This personalized approach ensures that our clients are always informed and empowered to make the most profitable investment decisions.

We are introducing a new operating principle that uses the stock market methodology through short-term analytics and ongoing project management.


Buying a property is often just the beginning of a complex and lengthy process before it can be fully utilized. Recognizing this, we have taken steps to streamline and simplify the entire journey for our clients. How?

We have established partnership agreements with top interior designers, experts in "Smart Home" systems, general contractors, and more. But what sets us apart is that we guarantee these companies.

We meticulously vetted each partner, identified potential pitfalls, assessed their strengths and weaknesses, and personally inspected completed projects. As a result, we confidently guarantee the quality of our partners.

Have you ever heard of 24/7 Real estate concierge service?

It's highly unlikely, and that's the truth. This unique option is exclusive to clients who have partnered with our company, granting you a special privilege and status. Within an hour, upon your request, we can swiftly tackle any task: whether it's evaluating your property for sale or purchase, providing an independent assessment, offering information on a property of interest, or promptly selecting properties and their equivalents.

Anyone who has access to the 24/7 Real estate option can request the service - PERSONAL TOUR

This is an opportunity to tour all the properties of interest in one day, chauffeured in a premium segment car with a personal driver and manager. They will provide all information about each property, ensuring you have more knowledge about the property than the owner themselves by the time you arrive. If your time is limited, we can even arrange VIP transfer services from the airport. It's a new standard of service in real estate that you'll find exceptional. In today's world, information and trust are invaluable, and in client relationships, trust and reputation are paramount! 


Why do we consider ourselves partners rather than just an agency? Because we are invested in your growth and monitor the situation of each individual client closely. Every client who chooses to work with us becomes a priority not just during the transaction, but as a long-term partner. Their desires and needs become the daily focus of our team across various departments. 

Financial analytics

Independent examination

Legal support


Contractor selection service

Service 24/7 Real estate

Assessing your property's ROI every month

This is just a glimpse of what we offer to our clients. When selecting a luxury property, you're not just choosing a place to live; you're choosing a unique lifestyle. We provide a level of service that's exclusive to a select few and we take full responsibility for it. By partnering with us, you'll receive dedicated support for all matters concerning your properties throughout your ownership.

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